Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Mr Not So Important....

Dear Not So Important,
                I want to tell you that you are a major jerk. I want to tell you that you have major insecurity issues if you feel the need to demean people below you. Some people fear the hell out of you, and I wonder why? You're a Walgreen's robot. Walgreens does not care about you, just like you do not care about your own workers. You are part of a relentless game of money and materialism. You thought you could judge me within five minutes of meeting me, so I figured I would return the favor. You want to be a corporate hot shot? Why don't you begin with looking professional. Your suit looked cheap, and you are wearing about a size 40? You most likely went to college, but the questions that came out of your mouth could have been better asked by a five year old. I apologize that while you were asking me such petty questions that I was just trying to not throw up on your cheap looking suit because of my morning sickness. Oh, and yes, my name tag was facing to the left because my smock was open, due to my growing stomach because I happen to be pregnant. But you didn't know any of this, you judged me off of childish questions. Maybe you should take some tips from Mr. Banks. He at least knows how to be professional, dress the part  and be courteous. He takes the time to see how you are doing and how the job is going, while asking his "important" business questions. I always have answers for Mr. Banks because I respect him. I am sorry, but you will not automatically receive respect just because you think you are "important." Upon my five minutes of meeting you, I already felt a sense that you are weak and a tad pathetic. You have and show no human emotions what-so-ever and have this dumb looking grin on your face that everyone can see through. I purposely was not answering your questions because I believed you to be utterly annoying. You even seemed to have Mr. Banks uptight. He was scared to even walk near you. That is pathetic. You have no right to treat people like numbers. If you want people to work for you and produce these "numbers" you talk about, then you need to treat them accordingly. I did my fair share of work at Hanover. I pushed to have a 30% increase in sales over last year, and to be 1 of 7 stores who was up in sales in November of 2013. So to tell my manager that you "know" I am always the way I acted that morning on December 17th, makes you look like a complete idiot. Like I said, much of this may not be true, but I figured it was only fair to pass my five minute judgement of you.

Be Well & God Bless,

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