Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Train of Thought..

I am like that little kid who runs around like crazy and screams out the most bizarre shit. I can't focus to save me. I have to be doing ten things at one time. Its annoying sometimes, but I get bored too easily. I notice when someone is telling me a story, I have a tendency to think about something else or watch someone else, yet I still know what the person was telling me....

I meant to post earlier but I kept getting sidetracked. Thinking about too much. However I am enjoying listening to some Britney Spears. Toby and  I watched a movie tonight, it was called Charlie St. Cloud. It was very good. Kind of depressing, but good.

Two days going strong on my sleep schedule AND going to the gym. I have to take my wins as they come. ha ha. Oh and I have also cooked dinner two nights in a row too. I am proud of myself. lol.

I did nothing special today. I am kind of giving myself a break from "life" the storm clouds will come soon enough. I don't think the whole bar tending thing will pan out. Maybe another time. Just need to look for a small part time job. I will get into all that next week. I just want to get my "schedule" down. I feel much more sane but still having my episodes of sadness and hopelessness. My anxiety has calmed down because I have not been putting myself into any situations to cause it, like The Hartford. ha ha

I do have a something to look forward to on Friday! A girl's night out, yay!!!

Well I think that's all besides saying that my cats are driving me insane!!!!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Frantic

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