Saturday, June 11, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days!

As I complete each goal, I will cross it out in the
tab ^ABOVE^ and do a blog post about it!
So I have decided to accept this challenge of completing 101 things in 1001 days.

June 1, 2011 to February 27, 2014.

  1. Become a successful Avon/Mark Representative
  2. Read 50 Biographies ( 0/50 )
  3. Get to review a free product on my beauty blog (
  4. Eat Mcdonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  5. Get a part time job working with beauty products
  6. Get married
  7. Claim bankruptcy on my credit cards
  8. Meet my goal weight of 135
  9. Go to Ocean City, MD
  10. Fly on a plane
  11. Touch a dolphin
  12. Possibly have a baby (more toward the end of this, lol)
  13. Live in a house instead of an apartment
  14. Enlist in the Army National Guard
  15. Take my sister to the beach
  16. Get a college degree and/or training
  17. Sleep in a tent
  18. Have at least $500 in a savings account
  19. Take Toby to the Philadelphia Zoo
  20. Visit my Aunt Jackie's house
  21. Wear a bikini
  22. Be able to do 75 "non-girl" push-ups in a row
  23. Log in to My Fitness Pal 100 days straight
  24. Enter a 5k Race
  25. Buy a bike
  26. Go wine tasting
  27. Volunteer somewhere for at least an hour
  28. Attend a "Murder Mystery" Dinner
  29. Read a book on the history of Hungary
  30. Get my first aid certificate
  31. Create a blog post about 50 things I am greatful for
  32. Shop at a Farmer's Market
  33. Buy a new bed set
  34. Learn how to speak Spanish
  35. Use nothing but cash for a month
  36. Borrow a book from a public library
  37. Go an entire month without fast food
  38. Take a cake decorating class
  39. Play tennis with Kenny
  40. Go vegetarian for 2 weeks
  41. Get professional photos done of myself
  42. Have a photoshoot for someone else
  43. See an eye doctor
  44. Blog using only photos for a week on things I did that day
  45. Read 50 Non-fiction books ( 0/50 )
  46. Write a letter about myself, put it in a bottle, and throw into the ocean
  47. Try 10 foods I've never had before ( 0/10 )
  48. Make an emergency kit for my car
  49. Get a tattoo
  50. Take a pole dancing class
  51. Gather phone #'s, addresses and emails from all members of the family and make copies to give out
  52. Go without alcohol for 2 months ( 0/60 days)
  53. Make lasagna from scratch
  54. Develop a list of all birthdays for friends and family
  55. Photograph myself in 30 different outfits ( 0/30 )
  56. Get my hair professionally dyed
  57. Make a list of 101 things I love about Toby :)
  58. Try 3 new restaurantes ( 1/3 ) 1. Hobo's Bar & Grill
  59. Get a massage
  60. Create emergency kits for my cats
  61. Vacuum out my car 6 times ( 1/6 )
  62. Spend a night in a random hotel with Toby
  63. Go horseback riding again
  64. Buy a REAL lottery ticket
  65. Create a binder for Avon
  66. Organize all of my paperwork
  67. Make an excel spreadsheet for all my make-up
  68. Pay for someone else's dinner
  69. Have 500 followers between my two blogs
  70. Babysit
71. Get another cat
72. Go to Six Flags
73. Attend an Opera
74. Travel to Pittsburgh for a restaurant that puts fries in their sandwhiches :)
75. Take Toby to see a baseball game
76. Own a MAC nail polish
77. Go to Paradise Stream again
78. See a movie at the drive-ins
79. Attend a spin class at Gold's Gym
80. Get to 400 Twitter Followers (177/400)
81. Get professional portraits of Toby and I
82. Bake 25 new desserts & take a photo ( 0/25 )
83. Guest post on someone else's blog
84. Go hiking
85. Buy a Juicy Couture bag
86. Shop for a day in New York City
87. Get my teeth whitened
88. Go on a cruise
89. Do 5 un-assisted pull-ups
90. Wear a "sexy" Halloween costume
91. Learn at least 25 German words
92. Watch 26 Movies I haven't seen starting with each letter of the alphabet ( 0/26 )
93. Buy a pair of heels over $100.00
94. Fit in my Ed Hardy "Tiger" Shirt
95. Sort through all my magazines
96. Go to a club in another city and/or state
97. Get my belly button pierced
98. Swing on a park swing
99. Spend an entire day alone with my Dad
100. Vote in the 2012 Presidential Election
101. Create a new 101 goals list ;)


  1. Great post. That's a lot of goals, but you can do it! Good luck. I can help with #80 about twitter. =) What's your sn? My sn is dgsbeauty.


  2. I like especially try new restaurants (0/3)...We have around 20 same goals :)

  3. WOW....good for you! It's definitely a great idea to write your goals/challenges down as it makes them easier to accomplish. I'm looking forward to reading how you're doing


  4. Seriously? This is amazing:D Number 71 is the best. I love cats too! hehe

  5. HAHA I already have 5. I have an addiction!

  6. Awesome list! I live in OC! :P

  7. #67. something i've been meaning to do for a while. "make a spreadsheet of all my clothes"... glad i stumbled accross your blog, love the font you use :) x


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