Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What NOT to do at the gym

Since I've been going to the gym just about every day for a month and half, there are so many things I witness, that I truly don't want to. I am just going to list them. Some are just to make you laugh, but they are TRUE!

1. Men: Why do you find it OKAY to fart around everyone and act like its nothing. It's disgusting and foul.
2. Please wear deodarent. There are times I have to get off my machine and switch because you smell THAT BAD.
3.  After your huge sweat session, WIPE OFF YOUR MACHINE! It's just gross!
4. There is no need to walk around the gym with your chest held so high it looks like your have a stick up your ass. We KNOW you have muscles.
5. STOP staring over at my machine. WHY? Because you think you are doing better than me? That's fine. I didn't know there was a competition.
6. WOMAN: Why do you leave the bathroom sink completely flooded with water? It takes 2 seconds to wipe it up.
7. WOMAN: Flush the damn toilet. That takes less than 1 second. Seriously?
8. MEN AND WOMAN: STOP wearing shorts that are TOO short. I mean girls, if you have nice legs , I am all for showing them off, but not when they are riding up your ass. Men, I just don't want to see your legs.
9. Jeans? at the gym? With timbs? WTH?
10. Take your gold chains off, it makes no sense to have them on.

Alright I am done ranting. I just HAD to get that off my chest. haha


  1. Hahaha, love it. Oh I can definitely add to your list though...

    Ladies, stop wearing tons of makeup when working out. Not only is it bad for your skin but men will think you're just as sexy if you sweat and have no makeup on...

    AND, my personal fave, STOP talking on your cell phones while you're working out. What is wrong with people


  2. haha I love your additions! Actually about two hours after I posted this post, I thought about the cell phone thing!!!


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