Friday, April 22, 2011

How I Feel

This my friends, is my calendar. This photo happens to be my favorite. I feel like I will snap at any moment, and this picture reminds me that I am crazy.

Who would have known at 22 years of age, I'd have so many mental stability issues? Who knew that I would know no one other than my Mom to understand? Who knew by now I'd fail with my finances and not be mentally capable of holding a job? Who the hell knew? Apparantly God knew.

I almost feel like jumping from a cliff is a better alternative then dealing with this mess of mine. I hope someone out there is real successful because of me. I was always told that some of us suffer more than others to help someone else out.

What matters to me is my family, my cats and the small amount of friends that I have.

The general public/working world don't care what problems you have and how you feel. Hell, I don't even know how I'll feel in two minutes. All I know, is I need a damn broom, dust pan and a trash can for this mess.

Oh what a glorious weekend...
Happy Easter


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