Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Runners High?

Good afternoon! I am just in the mood to rant and rave about my day. I woke up SUPER early, like 7:30am and who the hell knows why? I always wake up after 10am. I began to clean and fold laundry and Toby made me a super breakfast! Love him!

I fought with my internet most of the day today, it did not want to work. Apparantly there is an outage near my area in PA, and we should expect difficulties. I've had nothing BUT difficulties with Verizon DSL internet!

Eventually I made my lazy ass go to the Lehigh Parkway to do some training! I ran steps 10x, OUCH that hurt and then I walk/jogged for about 1.5 miles and then walked another 1.5miles. Not bad! What I really noticed today was while I was jogging, the only thing on my mind was making it to my next "rest stop" and the music playing on my Ipod. No worries about money, weight, relationships, NOTHING! I loved it! Now I just need to get in shape so I can enjoy running even more.

I know my main reason for training, but for now I will enjoy the empty mind effect!

I then stopped at CVS and purchased a few things! Mainly I went because I wanted to dye my hair. If you would like to see what I got, I already blogged about it on my beauty blog http://www.purrceptivevixxen.blogspot.com Then I made my way to Subway for a 6in turkey sub, yummmmmy!

I shall succeed with my water intake today! 8 cups! WOO HOO! I always struggle to get there!

After I got home and enjoyed my lunch, I dyed my hair, just dark brown!

Well have a great rest of your day!

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