Monday, April 4, 2011

What A Day...

I guess when you really sit back and reflect on your entire day, you realize all the strange/funny things that truly go on. Even though, it was just a "normal" day.

I got a wonderful 5 hours of sleep last night, that is an accomplishment in itself. I am not quite sure why i can't fall asleep anymore? Could it be who I really am? My new medication? Or all the annoying sounds in my apartment? Not a damn clue. My Mom actually woke me up with a phone call because I was taking her to the hospital for a blood test and we had to be there by 12:30. Funny enough she calls me from her cell phone while in bed, and I answer my phone, while laying in bed. We are two of kind I tell you!

I pick her up around 11:45 and apparently we realize that today is "let's pull out in from of Amy day." It was great, I always love testing my driving skills after I've been awake for an hour. It's cool, we made it to Sacred Heart on time and in one piece. We talked to this really funny./sweet 85 year old lady who was going in for an ultrasound. She was complaining that she needed to drink two cups of water before hand and that she can't use the bathroom. She was a trip. See I don't hate older people, I guess I just don't care for AARP Health Insurance customers.

Afterwords I treated my Mom to Panera Bread. She's never been there and it's been a while since I had. We stumble upon a dead bird, but only its wings were left. They did look like two angel wings, except these little legs were connected to them. ha ha. We would notice something like that! After two hours of a very nice heartfelt conversation we headed back home.

My Dad and Marissa were getting in the same time we pulled out. Lovely timing! I spent some time talking to my Dad about really random things. I get nervous talking to him because I never know what not to say in front of him. I am sure there are things he would not care to know. ha ha. I leave those conversations for my Mother.

Finally left around 7:00, was offered dinner but declined because I'd rather eat with my love. I made a very important stop at Best Buy to get him the game that he has really wanted; MLB 2K11, which is now playing in our living room. He was so happy when I gave it to him. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning!

Well, that's my random babbling for the day, tomorrow is filled with so much to do, I'm not quite sure how it will go!

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