Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Thursday...

Wind, wind and um more WIND! All night and all morning until FINALLY we got hit with a down pour and some thunderstorms! I was even informed of a tornado warning. Geez.

Once everything calmed down I was ready to head to the gym! I did my first sit-ups set today. I completed 25 in 2 minutes, with my feet under the couch. Not bad for my first attempt. Eventually I shall have to do them without my feet being held down!

Made it to the gym, did a 10min warm-up on the treadmill, 30min weight training (biceps and triceps), and then I did 3 miles on the elliptical. (410cal, 33:00min) Yay!

I spent about a half hour chatting with my mom in the parking lot. I had missed her call, so called her back. Just talking about birthday plans for my Dad! Umm pizza, beer and a birthday cake! lol

Made my way to Wal-Mart again to get some more workout clothing!

Yup, the only colors you'll ever see me in, except for the occasional purple and maybe sometime in the future greenish,tannish brown ;)

After Wal-Mart I went grocery shopping at Bottom Dollar Foods and Giant. I spent $70.00 for two weeks worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for two. I am getting better at this!

Surpassed my 8 cups of water AGAIN. That may get annoying, me announcing that all the time, but it is a HUGE accomplishment. lol

I am now making dinner and waiting for the fiance to call from work <3


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  1. That's great I wish I had your motivation or you lived near me...then you could keep me motivated too!! Love all the workout clothing you got...hmmm maybe I should go buy some cute gear and that will get me going??!!! Great post!!

  2. My goodness it totally helps me when I have cute workout clothes! haha. It like puts me in a "mode" and I workout harder than just wearing a tshirt. I am strange!
    Thanks girly!


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