Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Year of 2011: January and February


This was the month I was TRULY over with my job at the Hartford.
It was the time in my life where I felt trapped, angry and filled with hatred.
I spent most of the month crying, eating, and sleeping.
Also, arguing with Toby a ton.

A few photos I had from the month...

This was taken on Jan 1, 2011.
That's my Aunt Linda.

The Hartford on a Saturday. I did like my co-workers though! haha

My Lazy Cats!



This month was still as crappy in the beginning.
However, we did plan a little vacation to the Cove Haven Resorts for Valentine's Week.
I did a recent post on it, with photos and such.
While on this vacation, I realized that I needed to leave the Hartford.
I finally knew what life was really about.
It wasn't about having that nice paycheck every other week.
It was about being with the ones you love and appreciating your time with them.
I put a three week notice in the week I got back from our trip.
It was also the month we got bad news about my mom. Health complications.
(Currently everything is okay.)

Some Photos:
 My mom's 49th Birthday. We went to an Oldies Dance.
 haha look at Toby. Too much to drink?

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