Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Year of 2011: July and August

Well I finally found a job with a company called Crossmark.
It was a 3 month project to reset 13 Walgreens.
We had to travel a few times.
So it was my first time ever leaving Toby and being by myself.
I met quite a few awesome people!
I didn't blog all that much because I was so busy with work.

 Having a good time with my co workers at TGI Fridays!

I was so busy, these were the only photos taken that month!


This was also a good month!
My Aunt Jackie got married, we went to the reception.
I got my first speeding ticket coming home from Dallas, PA.
I went to Shady Maple for the first time for lunch.
I got hired at Walgreens on August 25th. A steady job for when Crossmark ended.

 My sister and I.
My Aunt Jackie's wedding cake.

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