Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Month Workout Challenge

I will list daily what my actual work outs are
but I wanted to outline what I will be doing.
I am going to try and blog my food and workouts daily.

For starters:
My weigh in this morning was 178.6lbs.

NECK: 14"
CHEST: 39"
R. ARM: 12"
L. ARM: 12"
WAIST: 35.5"
HIPS: 43.5"
R. THIGH: 24.5"
L. THIGH: 24.5"
R. CALF: 15"
L. CALF: 15"

This workout begins Sunday January 22 and ends February 25.

Sundays: Legs, cardio & Pilates
Mondays: Biceps & Triceps, cardio & Pilates
Tuesdays: Shoulders & Back, cardio & Pilates
Wednesdays: Chest & Abs, cardio & Pilates
Thursdays: "Monday"
Friday: "Tuesday"
Saturday: "Wednesday"

Now, things will fluctuate a tad from time to time. I may choose to do a workout
video instead of pilates, or instead of cardio. The reason I do not have
a rest day is because one of the days during
the week I am not going to be doing a whole lot.
Plus, it's a one month challenge I created for myself.

My motivation:


  1. You can do it! That second picture looks like my friend.. She was/is (i'm not sure) like the covergirl for xenadrine xtreme


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