Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's Trip Idea

I LOVE Valentine's day!
I just love the colors and spending a romantic day with my Fiance.
I must say, just about every day is Valentine's day to me.
My Fiance is just the most amazing man.
I am so grateful to have him in my life.
Last year we booked a suite at the Cove Haven Resorts.
We chose to stay at Paradise Streams in a room called the
"Garden of Eden Apple."

 Indoor Heated Pool!
 Comfy Round Bed.
 Heart Shaped Hot Tub
 "Living Room"
 Fire Place
A view of the outside

We stayed for 4 days and 3 nights.
We paid around $700.00

It includes and all-you-can eat breakfast buffet style.
On Tuesdays, you can have breakfast in bed.
They deliver it to you with a small bottle of Verdi.
Personally, the delivered breakfast was not as good as the buffet.

You were on your own for lunch, but you do have a fridge in your room and there is
a cafe that you can order from or go to. Plus, up the road was a Burger King and a few 
other restaurants.

Dinner was around 6:30, I think. There were certain foods to choose from 
for dinner, but there were feature dinners. The staff was amazing.
They were all friendly and we tipped well for it.

They also had night time entertainment.
The had appetizers in the lounge each night and you could order drinks
and there was usually some type of activity.
One night they had Wii Bowling.

Later in the evenings there was a band or a comedian. There was a game show one night and
it was males vs. females. That was fun!

 The lounge

 OMGoodness. That was me at my heaviest!

There were plenty of things to do off the resort.
We went horseback riding. That was eventful.
It was my first time, and probably my last.
Not because of the stable, just because horseback riding is not my thing. haha

 My horse "Cotton"
 Toby's horse. I think his name was Captain?

There was also a shooting range about 15 minutes away.
I fired my first gun. lol
I'm a big chicken because I don't think I'll do it again.

We visited the Stroudsburg Mall.

The Tannersville Outlets were about 20 minutes away.
The resort gives you coupons for them
I bought my first coach bag! haha

The Mount Airy Casino was nearby.
Cove Haven provided a shuttle to and from the casino.
Which was nice, so we could have a few drinks and not worry about driving.

All around it was a good trip.
I will definitely return again. We will probably stay at one of their other locations.
The other two are Cove Haven and Pocono Palace.

There is SO MUCH more to tell you about, but it might ruin the excite for some of you. lol
If you are interested...

(I was not asked to make this review, I just wanted to share my experience, because it was a good one.)

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