Friday, January 27, 2012

My Year of 2011: November and December


I started to work out again.
I had stopped in July,  but I didn't gain any weight back.
I started to get involved with the whole mind, body spiritual journey.
Started listening to some Christmas tunes at the end of the month.
Had a great Thanksgiving with the family.
We set the date for our wedding.
It's October 20, 2012.
Went to my first "male review" with my new friend from Walgreens.

Hosted an "open house" for Avon, and no one came. haha 
BUT it made for a great day with my friend Dawn. Wine and the OC.
Saw the Puss in Boots movie
Gold's gym closed on December 16th, so I was without a gym.
Saw my old neighbors at their Christmas party.
My mom and I volunteered at a children's winter school event. Photos with Santa!
Toby got me a new cell phone, Droid Charge.
and of course, celebrating Christmas with the family!

 haha that's my dad!
 My stuffed Rudolf I got 50% off at Walgreens. haha

HAPPY 2012 Everyone!
My goal is to make more memories this year.
To not let a day just slip away.
Every day is a fresh start.

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