Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazing News!

So I have some AMAZING news!
Which I will get to at the END of my post :)

Well, Happy Mother's Day! (Like I said on Facebook, to the good Mother's who raised their children with respect, responsibility and manners)
I mean come on, not EVERY mother is a good one.

My mom decided that this year she spend it with her daughters shopping!
It was a good time! We went to Sear's, Kohl's and the Dollar Tree!
She only found one shirt, my sister got her prom shoes AND we got Subway!!

That's Marissa and my Mom <3

So, my food logging has been going great! My Fitness Pal is so easy! I've actually been WAY under my calorie intake since Thursday, so I need to work on that!
Today, I went a tad over, so I am fine with that. It's a learn as you go process :)


03/12/2011 - 202LBS
04/11/2011 - 197LBS
05/08/2011 - 187LBS

I am hoping to be at least 180 by my Dr.'s appointment on June 7th!

I have lost 15lbs since I quit my job on March 12!
I am seriously so excited to continue on my journey.
I know it will eventually get harder to drop the weight, BUT I am determined and will be enlisting in the National Guard in NO TIME!!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good job and good luck! Im sure you will get there with how motivated you are =)


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