Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feel Free to Laugh...

Yes, feel free to LAUGH your assss off at me :)
I am doing this to hold myself accountable.....

Remember those push-ups and sit-ups I am supposed to be doing?
Well I started today....
And for anyone who doesn't know, these are important because I want to enlist....

Now I need to be able to do 43 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 11 push-ups in 2 minutes...

I am following a program out of a book for basic training.

Here are todays results:

Set 1
1 minute sit-ups: 15
Crunches (till failure): 30
Set 2
1 minute sit-ups Set:10 (barely!)
Crunches: 41

Set 1
1 minute push-ups: 1 (ohh yeahh!)
Diamond push-ups on knees: 1 (Making strides..)
Set 2
1 minute push-ups: 0 (I couldn't make it down without collapsing)
Diamond push-ups on knees: hahaha ;)

Well I am laughing..
Can anyone do more than 11 push-ups? What's yout advice, I need it!


  1. haha...pushups are really hard so I totally understand. Just found your blog, I can barely do two real pushups but I can do girl pushups. They are a lot easier. hehe

    Nice blog, following you now. I like the way you write
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  2. Thanks a bunch! I'll surely check it out :)

  3. i love push ups :D i can do like 20-30 :D they are my fav exercise :)


  4. I will make it eventually! haha
    That is awesome!!


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