Friday, May 13, 2011

Negatives of Unemployment

For many people unemployment is either a very frightening thing
or something someone dreams about.
I can understand being scared when you have bills to pay,
medical needed and quite possibly other mouths to feed.
Situations in life are handed to you to deal with. It depends on HOW you handle them.
Now I first must say that my unemployment was by choice. I quit because I needed to. No one will ever understand, and I don't expect anyone to. We all do what we "think" is good for ourselves right?
("Think" is in quotes because I believe our lives are already mapped out)
Anyways, I will state why unemployment shouldn't be something someone dreams about...
(and you don't have a government check given to you, keep this in mind)

First, you are more than likely to not have any savings to fall back on. If you do, awesome, you were one of the "smart" ones when watching your money. If you are like me, it sucks.
Second, the first week will be AMAZING. No responsibility to be anywhere, not controlled by anyone and you plan your day as you want. Now after that first week, you have already done EVERYTHING you possibly had to do in your mind, and now you are left with everday chores, and seriously, not the funnest thing in the world.
Third, Personally, I feel like a bum. I sleep in a little, make myself breakfast, go to the gym, eat lunch, shower, watch Netflix, make dinner, and um go to bed. I don't feel very productive to society.
Lastly, depending on your situation, you may end up homeless =)

Now, there is a point to this posting, I will be later posting why I feel unemployment was quite possibly the best thing I ever chose to do.

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