Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday...Oh Monday!

I figured I type up a post since I am waiting for my Ipod to charge so I can hit the gym!
In the meantime I am drinking my pre-workout drink - SuperPump 250! Helps me work out harder! It is almost gone and I am actually going to try the BSN No Explode in Lemon Lime.

Forcasted workout - - Bikini Strap workout by Toneitup!

I made a calendar of how many days I have left until weigh in!
36 Flippin' Days!

I downloaded some more music for my workouts. I found that I do my best listening to Killswitch Engage! Just enough to push me further!

On another note:
I totally fell asleep last night (morning) at like 4:00am. Horrible! I just couldn't fall asleep, so it kind of screwed me up today. I'll be at the gym later than usual, but it's okay!

My job hunt is still going slow. I am going to contact Ulta today to see if they got my application. I would LOVE to work there! What girly girl wouldn't? It's like make-up headquarters!
Plus, I'm going to need money soon!

I've become REALLY addicted to blogging. It's a tad sickening. haha. It's just so much fun to type about stuff and do reviews on products. On the other end, I have found SO many blogs to read!

Okay, I'll end this, most don't like long blog posts...
well atleast until I have more followers....

Until later.............

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