Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Kind of "Dieter" Are You?

These will be my interpretations of different dieters I have met over my
These are just meant for fun, no personal feelings towards anyone :)

The "Fad" dieter: This is the one that jumps on every "juice" drinking diet. If it says it will make you lose weight, they are trying it ASAP. (i.e. fruit only, juice drinking, crazy weightloss bars, cottage cheese diet etc.)

The Announcer: This dieter is CONSTANTLY letting you and everyone around them they are dieting. I feel they are just looking for someone to say " WOW, you look amazing." I mean I could see them tapping on someones shoulder in church and telling them. Seriously?

The Silent Dieter: This one is the complete opposite, they don't want anyone to know! They'll take food from people when its given to them and hide it or throw it away. They'll be approached and told they looked like they lost weight and when you ask how, their response "What are you talking about? I am not doing anything."

The "Program" dieter: These dieters have to try all PROGRAMS out there. P90X, Weight Watchers, Curves, etc Now there is nothing wrong with the programs, but in reality, you are paying money for something you can do yourself, and FOR FREE :)

The "Snobby" already super skinny dieter: This is the person who's already in PERFECT condition, but will eat a piece of toast for breakfast, a carrot for lunch, and one glass of wine for dinner. BUT they rub it in your face that they "diet" even though they don't need to. Just eat healthy!

The "Organic" dieter: Now there's nothing wrong with eating organic. I purchase a few things organic. But I am talking about the one who just says the word every 5 minutes. "Um, Is this water organic?" Come on now....

Well have a great rest of your weekend....
By the way, what kind of dieter are you?

I choose to count my calories, log my fitness minutes, only tell my close friends and just eat healthy.

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