Thursday, May 19, 2011

But He Says He Loves Me....

This will just be my little rant and rave of today.
It's not meant to offend anyone, just some personal feelings....

It's more like an awareness message I suppose.

Now by no means am I an "expert" in the subject of abuse. I've never been abused physically or mentally. I have been very blessed in that aspect.

BUT, I cannot stand when I hear stories about other woman just taking the abuse and making excuses for it. HE HIT YOU, that's not love. If he tells you it is, he's nuts. A REAL man would not lay a finger on a woman.

I have a relationship with someone who has been hit, with a noticeable bruise, and tried to hide it from me. I got her dead smack in her lies. It saddens me because this girl is bright, beautiful and has a lot of potential.

She chooses to stay with a BOY, who she's know since she was like 13, who treats her like shit and lives off of her money. He's broken the law in a lot of instances, can't hold a full time job, doesn't go to school, does drugs...I mean, what a real winner here.

Nothing she will ever say to me will make me respect him or want anything to ever do with him. It does put a damper on our relationship a little bit because I don't even want to hear about him.

"He won't do it again." "He loves me." " He was just in a bad mood." "It's only happened once."

Ladies, PLEASE, don't use these excuses. Find a friend to help you or a family member to talk to.
(I'm not even going to touch on the subject if a kid is involved.)

Warning signs that you may be in an abusive relationship:

- They are controlling
- Extremeley jealous
- Doesn't allow you to hang out with your friends or see your family
- Makes "jokes" that be little you in any way
- Threaten to hurt you if you leave
- You can't tell them when you go somewhere in fear that they'll get mad
- Controls where you work, go to school, who you see
- Blames you when things go wrong on their part
- Demands sexual acts you are not comfortable with

Think about it. You have ONE life to live, living being abused is not how you should do it.
It is probably the HARDEST thing to do, I understand, "love" is powerful.

You may feel that no one else will ever love you. That's not true. Relationships will happen in time. You need to love yourself first anyways. If you don't. No one will ever be able to completely love you.

Just remember you have places to seek for help. You are not alone.

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