Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Positives of Unemployment Part 2

If you're new to my blog, and would like to know where this started,
check out my previous blog post first :)

Ah yes, now where was I? Hating on my job..(understatement..)

Anyhooo, I did find PLENTY of positives being unemployed.
(Let me get this out of the way, money sucks, I've always had a lot of credit card debt, and now I can't afford to pay any of my cards....)

With that being said...(DRUMROLL)..

I found NEW hobbies. I now enjoy blogging. Before when I used to blog, I kind of did it to gain attention and possibly get some free products out of it. I never read any one else's blog or left comments. Whole different story now. I love reading what is on someone else's mind! I've learned so many different things, whether its fitness or beauty related. I love showing people appreciation for their efforts and success :)

Cooking. I hated cooking because it requires so much time and effort for a homemade meal. I now take pride in making dinner for us, instead of my fiance getting in the door and throwing in chicken nuggets and french fries. I appreciate my ability to cook and have dinner prepared.

Fitness and Health. Well, I've always been the girl subscribed to EVERY fitness magazine and online website, but never used the advice. I was always too mentally tired to do anything. I would try to work out in the mornings before work, and I would be too drained mid way, that I stopped. I now work out every single day. I've lost 15lbs and feel so much better. I take the time to watch what I am actually feeding my body and have learned ALOT. (More on what pushed me to pursue fitness so hard later)

There will be a part 3 - sharing my new goals :)

Boots and Mittens <3

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